ELFA 61st Annual Convention
Welcoming Change as Opportunity

Social Media

Use ELFA's social media channels to expand your network and increase your engagement with the ELFA 61st Annual Convention. You can connect with ELFA and your industry colleagues via: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Twitter Contest!

Tweet Hastag #ELFAConvention

How can you share your excitement about the ELFA 61st Annual Convention and engage with other industry professionals? Tweet about it! You could even win a prize! Simply send one or more tweets using the hashtag #ELFAConvention between Sept. 1 and Oct. 30 and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a sought-after ELFA mug and a $25 gift card.

Sample tweets

  1. Tweet before the event. Share your excitement about the event. For example, your pre-event tweet might read: Looking forward to meeting new contacts and connecting with old friends at the ELFA 61st Annual Convention, Oct. 9-11 #ELFAConvention
  2. Tweet during the event. Tweet short messages throughout the event, commenting on what you're enjoying or sharing key takeaways from speakers. For example: Excited to hear @PeterZeihan today at the ELFA 61st Annual Convention #ELFAConvention
  3. Tweet after the event. Share your takeaways. For example: Just finished #ELFAConvention. Great networking and best practices. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  4. Tweet photos. Feel free to tweet photos from the event.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is an identifier that categorizes tweets together. When you use the hashtag #ELFAConvention, it's easy for ELFA and others to track and re-tweet your messages.

I'm new to this

If you don't have a Twitter account, ask the person who manages your company's Twitter account to send out a positive tweet about the ELFA 61st Annual Convention on your behalf. Or, set up your own account today in a few quick steps at www.twitter.com.

Need help or have questions?

Contact Amy Vogt at avogt@elfaonline.org.