ELFA 57th Annual Convention
ELFA 57th Annual Convention

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Reconnecting with friends and colleagues, meeting new people, and learning about a variety of trends shaping the industry are just a few reasons I attend the ELFA Annual Convention. With high-caliber speakers, insightful sessions and time to interact with other attendees, each year I gain new connections and fresh ideas.

Joel Van VarkDeborah Reuben
CLFP, President
Reuben Creative, LLC

There is no better opportunity than the ELFA Annual Convention to network with lenders, suppliers and peers while gaining valuable access to growing trends and other important industry issues.

Brian W. EschmannBrian W. Eschmann
Trans Lease, Inc.

I attend the Annual Convention to gain industry insights, connect with counterparts from other companies and learn about new opportunities that I can leverage for my company.

Joel Van VarkJoel Van Vark
Vice President, Credit - US and Canada
John Deere Financial

The ELFA Annual Convention is a great opportunity to tap into the latest trends and issues impacting our industry.  The opportunity to share best practices with leaders from competitor companies and service providers is invaluable. The last couple of years the convention has seen an uptick in attendance by women in our industry. This is a great way to welcome them into ELFA and begin to form the long-standing friendships which are a hallmark of our industry. 

Lori FrasierLori Frasier
SVP, Strategy and Performance Management
Key Equipment Finance and
Chair, ELFA Women's Council

I have found no better option to develop meaningful business connections than ELFA events and conferences. The Annual Convention will help expand your knowledge of current events facing our industry as well as forge solid relationships with peers who will positively impact your company.

Don HansenDon Hansen
Chief Executive Officer
Regents Capital Corporation

The Annual Convention is one of the rare opportunities we have as industry to gather in one place. The conference is large enough to guarantee that attendees are from all corners of the industry. The opportunities to engage with your peers, learn from them and catch up with old (and new) friends is one I never pass up.

Jon GersonJon Gerson
Executive Solutions for Leasing & Finance, Inc.

The ELFA Annual Convention is the largest gathering of industry professionals of the year. It affords my business the opportunity to network with a large and broad scope of customers and partners all in one place. Additionally, the latest challenges and opportunities are discussed during sessions with industry leaders. This knowledge and insight have been valuable in continuing to grow and strengthen my business. Lastly, I enjoy seeing friends and colleagues at the event which generally results in doing more business together.

David A. Normandin CLFPDavid A. Normandin CLFP
Managing Director
Hanmi Bank

Why am I attending the ELFA Annual Convention? It’s my job to ensure I am always at the top of my game delivering proven best practices and sound solutions to our clients. The education and networking opportunities available at the ELFA Annual Convention are unparalleled in the industry offering me the ability to discover new ideas, learn from a variety of points of view, and provides access to a one-stop shop for all the tools needed to keep up with trends impacting the future growth of our clients and my company. Are you attending?

Shari L. LipskiShari L. Lipski, CLFP
ECS Financial Services, Inc.

Attending the ELFA Annual Convention is a must for anyone associated with the equipment financing industry. No matter what sector you touch, you will gain insight into current events, the ever-changing legislative environment and important trends effecting all participants—all with the added benefit of the largest gathering of our peers.

Daniel J. KrajewskiDaniel J. Krajewski
President & CEO
Sertant Capital, LLC

The ELFA Annual Convention provides members with an opportunity to take a pause from their day-to-day activities, learn what others are doing in the industry and gain insights into where the industry is going. Networking opportunities abound and the venues are first class. I always walk away with a few new ideas and business contacts.

Daniel J. KrajewskiMike Romanowski
CoBank Farm Credit Leasing

The ELFA Annual Convention is a venue that provides the best of many worlds, in my opinion. Until I first attended a few years back, I did not understand the full scope of value that it provides to its members. It is an opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, a forum to participate in meaningful breakout sessions that evoke new thought and creative ideas, a place to learn about the newest trends to keep us on the industry’s cutting edge, and of course gives members the chance to volunteer on behalf of great causes and give back to our communities. It is what you decide to make of it, with no shortage of opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

Jennifer FanzJennifer Fanz
Country Sales Manager – US Healthcare

The Annual Convention is a great opportunity to network with peers and learn more about industry developments and trends. The breakout sessions provide for useful dialogue on critical topics.

Troy GrazianiTroy Graziani
Director of Finance & International Operations
Toyota Industries Commercial Finance, Inc.

Building and sustaining a strong industry network has been very beneficial to our business, and the ELFA Annual Convention is important to us for that. I’m reminded of this every time a business opportunity comes from contacts that I’ve made over the years through involvement in ELFA.

Joe CollinsJoe Collins
SVP Business Development
Orion First Financial, LLC

Networking, Networking, Networking. This is an opportunity like no other to engage in candid yet informal conversations pertaining to any number of current hot topic issues with the most knowledgeable women and men in the industry.

Wade W. WhitenburgWade W. Whitenburg
Strategic Accounts: Asset Management & Remarketing
Ritchie Bros.

While the Annual Convention has always been of benefit to attend, the last few years the Association has knocked it out of the park. The world is changing quickly and the conference has featured timely technological speakers and presentations. I look forward to this event both for catching up with friends but also to find out what the industry is doing to support the operational and technological changes that are happening in the industry.  It is a MUST ATTEND every year if you want to keep up with the industry.

Joe FrancoJoe Franco
VP Business Development
Cloud Lending Solutions

Networking, educational opportunities, understanding the pulse of the industry through great sessions as well as the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of solutions providers that can help our business succeed are all reasons I attend the ELFA Annual convention. The annual event is a special few days for our industry and over these last few years, there’s been a cultural shift for emerging talent and women that is so exciting to see. It’s an evolution we should all be a part of.

Jennifer L MartinJennifer L. Martin, VP
Program Development and Operational Controls
Key Equipment Finance

Why attend the ELFA Annual Convention? I would ask why not (1) Learn what is impacting our industry; (2) Come back with new ideas on how to grow your business; (3) Learn from peers from all areas of the equipment finance world!

Peter K. Bullen Peter K. Bullen
Senior Vice President - Bank Channel
Key Equipment Finance

I attend the ELFA Annual Convention to get up-to-date information on current industry trends and developments and to renew and expand my network of industry resources. From the high-caliber speakers and informative breakout sessions to the formal and informal networking meetings, no other event provides this type of environment to really stay “in the know” about the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Kirk S. PhillipsKirk S. Phillips
President & Chief Executive Officer
Wintrust Commercial Finance