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Program Name: Loan/Lease Accelerator


Origination Platform


This is a platform not a software package. Don't let that scare you; this is pre-configured solution. You can choose from thousands of business Apps. Use Northteq or any of the thousands of other Salesforce consultancies to enhance your solution. Never pay for another expensive upgrade again; Salesforce is cloud based and constantly upgraded.

Northteq has worked with over 100 Lending and Leasing Salesforce clients to develop this product. It includes leading AppExchange Apps and preconfigured workflow to take a Lease or Loan from credit application through funding, allowing rapid and cost-effective implementation of an origination solution on

The Northteq Accelerator includes the following features:
1.       Custom Borrower, Broker, Dealer, and Vendor Portals
2.       CRM, Pricing, Online Apps, Credit, Documentation, Funding, and Collections
3.       Integrations to: SOS, eSignature, Credit Bureaus, Scoring, UCCs, Tax, Bank

Why are so many lessors and lenders moving to Salesforce?
1.       Open Platform: you are not stuck with one vendor
2.       Secure: army of security personal at Salesforce protecting your data
3.       Marketplace: thousands of business apps available in the AppExchange
4.       Future-proof: cloud based and always current

Winner of the ELFA Operations & Technology Award.

Recent Enhancements:

Full Automation End to End from App Entry through to Funding including SOS automation.

System Configuration: is a 100% cloud based open architecture.


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