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Financial Spreading, Portfolio Management, Financial Analysis and Data


Our API-first, cloud-based software revolutionizes the painful but essential process of spreading financial documents.

We design our software to accelerate and enhance, rather than replace, human-led financial analysis. Our blended approach to financial spreading gives commercial lenders the ultimate control through an intuitive user interface, while our AI automates the most tedious tasks and shortens your time to term sheet.

Extract: Eliminate manual data entry and get to the real work of financial analysis. Fincura ingests all of your client documents and uses intelligent algorithms to extract all of the financial data, down to every line item and footnote.

Spread: Our financial analysis AI helps normalize the extracted data to provide an instant calculation of key ratios, metrics, common sizes, and trends in under 5 minutes with 100% accuracy.

Manage: Fincura creates a golden source of financial data at the heart of your organization, providing easy analysis of financial data to highlight issues, power portfolio reviews, track and manage covenant compliance, and more.

Recent Enhancements:

Automated covenant tracking, Debt Service Coverage Ratio analysis, intuitive portfolio reporting of financial statement data, enhanced processing speed.

System Configuration:

Cloud-based, built on Amazon Web Services, API-first architecture means that you can get started in a matter of hours and can integrate Fincura with all of your existing systems.


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