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Tamarack Technology, Inc.

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Data Console, Predictors, Customer Support Self-Service Portal, EaaSiWare


Operational data-centric software and integrations including machine learning and AI


Tamarack’s AI platform provides continuous productivity improvement and reduces risk-to-capital with analysis of and learning from financial and operational data. The platform streamlines decision-making and reduces risk by leveraging business intelligence and AI automation.

Tamarack's AI business intelligence platform includes three primary offerings:
1. Data Console: See all your data in a single location. Leverage analytics, intel and reporting to create actionable next steps that drive productivity from otherwise ‘dark data.'
2. Predictors: Make better and more informed credit decisions faster. Automate financial decisions and operational preferences to increase the speed at which you create and close a deal.
3. Customer Support Portal Services: Create a single point of collaboration for lessors and their customers. Provide customers with 24/7 access to information, to streamline workflow and increase customer-service productivity.

EaaSiWare™ software solutions make equipment finance accounting and operations more productive, more competitive and more innovative by providing access to and automation between LOS, portfolio management and equipment finance software ecosystems.

The EaaSiWare™ product family includes four solutions:
1. BridgeWare allows you to build and implement enterprise-wide, real-time access to back-office data easily and efficiently.
2. Automation Utilities improve the productivity and capability of lease accounting platforms and of the teams who manage lease portfolios.
3. Lease Management System Connectors integrate 3rd party solutions into the enterprise accounting platforms for tax compliance, identity tracking and insurance.
4. Analytics tools provide additional access to and analysis of data enterprise lease accounting platforms.


Tamarack is a fintech company providing software and services that enable equipment finance companies to drive performance and growth through digital transformation. Connect with us via discover@tamaracknow.com or www.tamaracknow.com


Tamarack Technology, Inc.
550 Vandalia Street
Suite 309
Saint Paul, MN 55114United States

Web Site: www.tamaracknow.com


Daniel Nelson CLFP
Phone: (651) 269-7680
Email: dnelson@tamarack.ai

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