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Q2 Cloud Lending

Program Name:

Lease Portal, Originate, Servicing and Collections, and Lease Xcelerate Program


End-to-End, Cloud Based, Configurable Equipment Finance Software


Q2 Cloud Lending, simplifies the leasing experience with a cloud-based platform providing straight-through processing. Uniquely designed and built to meet the needs of lessors and lease originators, you’ll have the scalable lending solution in place to help expand into asset-based finance or increase your presence in business equipment finance. No matter the challenges you face in the equipment leasing process, this solution can help you meet daily demands and adapt to market changes quickly.

You can:
• Easily handle multiple credit underwriting processes, and manage by channel, funder, and leasing product
• Automate and effectively manage the entire lease lifecycle—application through origination, underwriting, servicing, asset recovery, and collections—allowing for structured leases, fees, and charges
• Quickly conduct complex accounting, billing, and servicing associated with externally funded leases, enabling lessors to track investor positions and correctly account, bill, and service

Recent Enhancements:

Focuses on asset management and profitability, and support of asset-based and usage-based revenue models:
• Variable Rate/Usage-Based Billing: create usage-based charges for their customers, such as charges for miles driven, or number of copies printed
• Account for Debt Schedules: Generate journal entries for principal and interest components of the debt schedule associated with a lease contract
• Parent and Child Assets: Manage related assets on a single contract together Asset-Based Charges: Manage and track asset-related expenses and payables independently
• Account for Charge Reversal: Support for a reversal of journal ledger entries of reversed charges
• Manual NPA Management: Move a contract between accrual and non-accrual status manually for one or multiple contracts

System Configuration:

Cloud-based built on Salesforce, our CLS Lease Xcelerate Program is implementation program to get you live in 8 weeks for a fixed cost.


Q2 Cloud Lending
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