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LTi Technology Solutions

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LTi Technology Solutions provides a full lifecycle technology ecosystem of solutions for equipment finance and asset-based lending products.


We are a passionate and customer-obsessed global company that works with enterprises throughout the US, UK and Canada. We take a partnership approach. With a 32+ year history supporting the equipment finance and asset-based lending industry, we bring a level of commitment to our customers that allows them to create a full technology ecosystem that can scale with them and bring efficiencies to support their growth.

ASPIRE is a robust platform that handles lifecycle management with straightforward scalability. And with the depth of functionality within ASPIRE, every process can be managed seamlessly with even the most complex workflows. Automating redundant and manual tasks to drive down the cost per contract and removing the potential for manual errors, which allows operations to do more.

Recent Enhancements:

The ASPIRE platform provides cutting-edge functionality for the entire lifecycle of an equipment finance or asset based contract on one system and continues to evolve using the latest Microsoft technologies.

LTi’s flexible architecture provides the ability to scale as a business grows - one system, ultimate flexibility. We have a large percentage of the Bank 50 and Independent Bank 25 as our customers and more than 120 are hosted in the LTi Cloud for 14+ years.

System Configuration:

LTi’s solutions can be deployed in-house, or hosted in the LTi Cloud.


Contact Sales at (402) 493-3445.

Randy Haug
Email: rhaug@ltisolutions.com

Tara Aasand
Email: taasand@ltisolutions.com

Bryan Hunt
Email: bhunt@ltisolutions.com


LTi Technology Solutions
4139 S. 143rd Circle
Omaha, NE 68137USA

Web Site: www.ltisolutions.com


Randy Haug
Phone/Fax: (402) 493-3445/(402) 493-3433
Email: rhaug@LTiSolutions.com

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