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Ivory Consulting Corporation

Program Name:

SuperTRUMP, Portfolio Intelligence, Asset Management Solution


Equipment lease & loan modeling and pricing software and asset management software



Ivory’s flagship product, SuperTRUMP, is the proven solution for modeling and pricing complex equipment leases and loans. It incorporates the most up-to-date tax and accounting classification tests, pre-tax and after-tax analyses and pro forma accounting output, as well as many pre-configured industry reports.

SuperTRUMP Oracle Lease & Finance Management Accounting (OLFM) provides complex accounting for OLFM.

SuperTRUMP can be customized to meet your unique needs in many ways, including:
- Adding custom yield calculations and controls
- Developing custom lookup tables for loss given default, money cost or yields
- Creating custom reports

Portfolio Intelligence     

Portfolio Intelligence offers business intelligence and data analytics which enables you to optimize portfolio profitability.

-Measure portfolio profitability by segment, customer, financial product, credit, channel, geography or sales professional across all transactions

-Use “what-if” scenarios to better understand and manage risk factors

-Syndicate all or part of a portfolio for sale or evaluate a portfolio for purchase in a matter of minutes with advanced syndication tools

Asset Management Solution

Ivory’s Asset Management Solution is an end-to-end asset management software solution designed to make tracking, managing and controlling your entire asset management operation significantly easier than it is today.

- Create and manage asset valuations

- Track mid-term and end-of-term disposition information

- Order and access completed inspection reports, track returned equipment and assign the asset for resale

- Build executive level analyses detailing residual exposure and performance across an entire portfolio

System Configuration:

SuperTRUMP is deployable via Salesforce, Web & Desktop interfaces

Database products currently run on SQL Server or Oracle 8i and later.


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