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The ELFA Legal discussion group, ELFALegalTalk, is an email discussion group for the exchange of views and comments on legal subjects.


Subscribing online is temporarily disabled while we transition all of our discussion lists to a new platform. If you'd like to subscribe or unsubscribe from LegalTalk, please contact

Once you are subscribed, email to post messages to the group. When replying to the list, you must use the same email address you subscribed with, otherwise you will receive an error message from the server that says you are not allowed to post to the list. Please do not send file attachments with your email to the group. When you reply to a posted email, it goes to the whole group so be careful to change the "To:" if you want to reply to an individual.


Although it was created for use by attorneys, ELFALegalTalk may be read by and may include questions or comments posted by business executives, officials responsible for administering their companies' legal compliance programs and others. Participation in this group is subject to the "Participation Rules for all ELFA email discussion groups."

Participation in ELFALegalTalk is also subject to the express understanding that the discussion group is for informational purposes only and does not constitute the rendering of legal, financial, or other professional advice or opinions by ELFA or by the participants in this discussion group. Moreover, the posting and delivery of information on this listserve does not create or constitute an attorney-client relationship between you as a subscriber and ELFA or any of the participants in this discussion group.

This discussion list should not be used as a forum for sales, marketing, advertising or promotional messages. It should not be used as a means of offering to buy or sell equipment, lease-related transactions or any other property, transaction or interest. Such activity is inappropriate, may violate applicable law, and may result in the loss of participation privileges.

As is the case with all ELFA discussion groups, comments posted on ELFALegalTalk are not edited by ELFA. Neither ELFA nor the participants in this discussion group certifies or warrants the accuracy or completeness of the views and information contained within them. Subscribers are advised to consult with their own attorneys before instituting actions based on comments posted by participants in the discussion group.


Questions relating to ELFALegalTalk should be directed to ELFA Vice President of Research & Industry Services, Bill Choi,