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AcctgTalk, is a members-only, online community for the exchange of views and comments on accounting subjects in the equipment leasing and finance industry. Although it was created for use by accounting professionals, AcctgTalk may be read by and may include questions or comments posted by any ELFA member. Participation in this group is subject to the "Participation Rules for all ELFA online communities."


Subscribing online is temporarily disabled while we transition all of our discussion lists to a new platform. If you'd like to subscribe or unsubscribe from AcctgTalk, please contact

Once you are subscribed, email to post messages to the group. When replying to the list, you must use the same email address you subscribed with, otherwise you will receive an error message from the server that says you are not allowed to post to the list. Please do not send file attachments to the listserv. When you reply to a posted email, it goes to the whole group so be careful to change the "To:" if you want to reply to an individual.


Questions relating to ELFAAcctgTalk should be directed to ELFA President and CEO, Ralph Petta,