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Tamarack Technology, Inc.

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Portfolio Management integration, 3rd party connectors, automation utilities and data analysis tools


EaaSiWare™ is a set of software products that provide access and automation between Portfolio Management software platforms and Equipment Finance software ecosystem (e.g. origination, UCC, risk, credit, insurance systems) and Operational equipment data ecosystem (e.g. IoT provisioning, asset monitoring, logistics, etc.).

Through the integration of innovative software solutions Tamarack drives greater value from equipment finance operations. Within the EaaSiWare product family there are four categories that support specific elements of the equipment finance ecosystem including industry leading portfolio management platforms.

BridgeWare allows you to build and implement enterprise-wide real-time access to back-office data easily and efficiently. We leverage industry standard Internet technologies including RESTful Web Services, Hypertext Transport, Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

Automation Utilities
Automation Utilities improve the productivity and capability the enterprise lease accounting platforms and teams managing lease portfolios.
•     Generic Contract
•     Field Update
•     One Time ACH
•     Extension of Terms Automation Utility (ETAU) – Launched in response to COVID-19 in March 2020

Lease Management System Connectors integrate 3rd party solutions into the enterprise accounting platforms for tax compliance, identity tracking, and insurance, among others.
•     Vertex O Series
•     CSC UCC Connector
•    WebCollect
•     Insurance Interface Connector (Great American & ALI)

Tamarack's data analysis tools provide additional access and analysis of data enterprise lease accounting platforms.
• Data Warehouse Extraction and SQL Translation Tool


Tamarack offers custom development, data migration, and implementation for our products and supported platforms.

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Tamarack Technology, Inc.
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Suite 309
Saint Paul, MN 55114United States

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Daniel Nelson, CLFP
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