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Copernicus-USA, LLC

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Full Lifecycle Pricing, Origination, Administration and Accounting System for all types of Asset Finance


Solar is a state of the art web native solution to manage the whole lifecycle of any asset finance product including leasing, loans, conditional sale and project finance. Developed over 40 years and recently upgraded, Solar is the most powerful and technologically advanced solution available.   Solar is cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of asset finance organization.

Solar has its own built in calculation engine to ensure you get accurate and consistent results throughout the life of a contract including pricing and accounting for full and partial payoffs and back to back and block funding.

Solar also has its own integrated double entry accounting system which ensures that you maintain control of each and every single contract at all stages of its progress from pay out to pay off.

Use Solar to process any payment structure, with multiple drawdowns and other complex cash flows, including commissions, subsidies, maintenance, fees and insurance. We believe there is no complexity that Solar cannot manage.

Solar has its own user-configurable workflow and sophisticated decisioning and credit scoring. You can design your own reports and documents directly from within Solar and then incorporate fields from the Solar SQL Server database. Bills, reports and other documents can be downloaded to Excel or saved to PDF and emailed again directly inside Solar.

Since it uses the latest web technology Solar can be readily integrated with your other systems including CRM such as Salesforce and backend such as third party general ledger systems. There are also options to build portals to give your customers, brokers and suppliers a controlled view of their data within your Solar system.

Recent Enhancements:

Solar is now available using React and restful web services. This has increased its speed, control and flexibility

System Configuration:

Designed and built using a React user interface accessing Microsoft’s .NET5 web services and SQL Server.


Solar offers a new approach to asset finance software designed to reduce implementation timescales and costs both upfront and ongoing.


Copernicus-USA, LLC
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