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Aurora Vendor/Broker Portal


Vendor/Broker Portal


Aurora is a web and mobile digital origination platform for vendors and brokers that is 100% built on the platform. Aurora can be used as a full origination platform, or it can connect with your existing front and back office applications. It does not require that you have a Salesforce license. Aurora is a product of months of research, vendor interviews, and professional UX/UI design.

The Features Include:
• Application Entry: Gather required data, upload files, authorize to pull credit.
• Quoting: Self-service quoting that connects directly to your rate cards.
• Credit: Auto pull personal and business credit. Automate SOS.
• Scoring: Auto-approval based on rule-based scorecard.
• Documentation: Auto-create e-signature document packages.
• Notification: SMS & Email notifications.
• Task Management: Vendors, Brokers, Lender working from single list.
• Reporting/Data Extracts: Give your vendors & brokers the data they need.
• Create Application from Invoice: create application based on drag & drop pdf.
• Promotions: Promote campaigns & programs.
• Integrate: Integrate with your existing LOS or Portfolio Management System.

Recent Enhancements:

Full automation end-to-end from app entry through to funding including SOS automation.

System Configuration: is a 100% cloud based open architecture.


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